4 ways to explain a concept using explainer videos

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Some concepts are complex, some are simple, but each has an audience that is not familiar with it yet. Explainer videos, used to describe a business’ product or service to its users, effectively explain such concepts by breaking them down and allowing the audience to experience a “eureka!” moment when it all finally comes together at the end of the video. Their short duration and their use of motion graphics and animation are must-haves, making explainer videos the perfect medium to deliver complex concepts in bite-sized chunks. We present to you some great ways to explain a concept

1. Explore the deep end of your imagination

The good thing about an explainer video is that using animation over live action can help narrate stories in a fun way while explaining the concept of the product. For example, a video for a product that prevents security breaches in a large organizational network can feature a dramatized hacker as the good ol’ thief with the eye mask looting a sack full of private company information.

2. Break up the concept into small chunks

For tricky areas such as finance, breaking down the concept is the only way to explain it to a mostly unaware audience. For example, in an educational explainer video, you can explain what “stop loss” is like this:

  • You have bought a share at ₹50.
  • The price of the share begins falling the next day onwards.
  • Because the stock market doesn’t always guarantee that you will only earn money, you are willing to lose about 3% of the share’s worth and not more.
  • Place a stop loss order, which automatically causes the share to be sold when the price hits ₹48.50.
  • Thus, a stop loss order minimizes or puts a limit to the amount you lose on a share.

This step-like treatment of the concept is a great way for even an uninitiated audience to understand it.

3. Make the product or the audience the protagonist of your video

Create a protagonist that your audience has a character to relate to. This could be your product, Bob the cryptocurrency manager (which may essentially be the app), or the audience itself – “Imagine you are trying to send money to a friend in desperate need…”. The relatability will stick with your audience and it will help them remember not only the concept but also your product better.

4. Compare the concept to concepts the audience is familiar with

When you’re trying to explain how cryptocurrency works to your viewers, for example, compare it to the traditional banking system but without the middlemen and the hassle of going from one counter to another. The red tape and bureaucracy are something most people recognize, and the freedom from all of that is something they will welcome to and be very open about understanding.

Once you have the concept of your explainer video clearly defined, it is critical that you execute it carefully. To create an explainer video for your business with a strong concept and equally strong execution, get in touch with us.

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