How office design can educate your employees on your brand

Office design

Does your space at work reflect your brand values? If not, there may be a gap between your brand (the way people perceive your company) and who you really are as company (the values and principles prioritized). Employees and visitors should be able to recognize or get a sense of your brand when they walk into the physical office space. We have a few suggestions on how you can use your office design to help people understand your brand:

1. Your office layout can be designed to align with your values, vision and mission, communicating the same to your employees.

If your values are based on the principles of democracy, the layout of your office could be used to support this. People in higher positions can occupy those physical spaces which are easy to access. By using glass or other transparent walls, you could encourage more open communication about the work that is being done. You can strike a balance between shared spaces (for teamwork) and individual spaces, aligning with your company’s goals, mission and vision. By differentiating spaces for various departments using furniture or walls, you can influence the amount of interaction between your departments and employees.

2. The interiors of each room can be planned to suit your brand and tell employees about the work that has been taking place

You can use furniture that suits daily activities. If the work involves a lot of your employees focusing on their own individual task, it makes sense for a large amount of space to be left in between individual desks. The aesthetic aspects of the furniture used can also influence the degree of professionalism, trust and innovation that is felt in the given space. If you are an interior design company, it makes sense for there to be common aspects between your office and your clients’ office. This reduces the gap between your brand (how clients see your company) and your work culture (the experience of your employees).

3. If your brand prioritizes the experience of your employees, this should be reflected in the office design

The health, safety and comfort of your employees can be an important part of your brand, and should seep into various aspects of the office design. You can ensure that a room where there is production work taking place is not likely to be affected by the weather, such as rain. This will reduce the chance of accidents. You can choose a location where there is adequate air circulation and where sunlight is sufficient. This is especially important when the production of chemicals or other potentially harmful substances is involved. By providing a separate room for storage, the safety of your employees can be prioritized, and your documents will have a lower chance of getting misplaced.
You can regulate the amount of lighting and noise within the premises. Plants and the right decor in a given room can be used to increase the comfort of your employees. There can be an open space for employees to walk. Google is famous for providing its employees with free bicycles in and around its campus. These elements of the office design can tell your employees that their lifestyle is important to the culture and the brand, and that they are valued.

4. If diversity and tolerance are factors that define your brand, the office design should be such that it caters to a diverse group of people.

If the work you do and clients you cater to involve diversity, the office space that you work in should also nurture diversity. Only then will it be clear to your employees that they need to be accepting of diversity in potential and current clients. This means that, as a part of accepting individuality, the employees should be given the choice modify their working space to suit them. It will help them have a sense of identity that merges into the larger culture of the office. You can encourage different work styles and repositioning of furniture. This can enhance learning, productivity and communication. Your employees themselves will view your brand positively, and will contribute towards maintaining the brand. They will be able to speak with confidence and clarity about what your brand stands for, and may even attract new clients by doing so.

5. Elements of your office design can tell your current and potential employees about your brand

If your office design in line with your values, there will be clarity in decision making as well. Your company will make fewer decisions that are not in line with those values. For example, you are more likely to become selective about the benefits you give employees, extending only those that suits your values. The benefits that you provide can be put up on soft boards in your office for everyone, including visitors, to view. Certificates of skill development courses done by your employees (which are a part of the benefits you give) can be displayed. This will also help establish trust with your clients. Other companies attracting employees by giving them other benefits such as paid vacations would not be a reason for you to do the same. Instead, you could use your own benefits to attract employees who suit you (who fit into your culture and brand), and this would not eat into your profits. This would also tell people including current employees about your brand, and what kind of benefits they can expect.

You can use the same aesthetically pleasing graphics, colors and designs in the office that you have used on your website. This can be done on small or big objects such as soft boards, magazine covers, and walls. The logo of your company can also be used in various places such as the letterhead on documents. By educating your employees on your brand, they can communicate information about your brand precisely. They will then be aware of the uniqueness of the company they work for.

6. New and potential employees can be given information about the work you have done

Your work history and achievements can be displayed on the walls and soft boards of your office. The images of products and services provided to your clients in the past can be displayed on the walls. This can give new and potential employees a clear idea about the different kinds of work you do. If the clients you are working with are well-known, it will help people trust your firm. It involves positive views of the work done and cultivates the right attitude towards the work that is currently taking place. It communicates the identity of your firm to new and potential employees. You can do this subtly, by displaying pictures, carefully chosen, in a strategic location. Understated but pleasing designs and colors can be used for this.

An suitable, tailor-made office design can be used to tell your current and potential employees about your brand and make them brand ambassadors. You can put up information about previous work that you have done on the walls of the office. Office design can reduce the gap between your brand (how people perceive your company) and the various aspects of your company. It can influence how people interact with one another, in alignment with your values. There can also be a balance between a space meant for interaction and individual spaces, which can be achieved through the furniture arrangement. The circulation of air, as well as an amount of natural, artificial light and noise can be optimized to suit the work taking place. These aspects influence brand perception, and adhere to your vision for employee comfort and their working conditions. All of this will make it clear to your employees who you are as a company, what is expected of them, and how they are valued, which can have a very positive impact how they speak about the company to others.

We believe in the power of design, and how it can help you achieve your company’s goals. To learn more about how effective design can help your brand, contact us:

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