Your core business is making applications. In order to sell one application, you may need to pitch one hundred times. You also need to make those pitches come alive for your customers. The generic pitches no longer work.

Chittlesoft Solutions can set up a completely dedicated, secure team for you that works on research and creation of high quality Minimum Viable Prototypes (MVPs) for your marketing and sales teams to present to your client.

Your UX teams can now focus on operations and not pitches. Cut costs, increase conversions.

Whatever your business need, our Design Partner Solutions work as a seamless extension of your Marketing, Sales or Operations teams, and allow you to focus on your core expertise while we make ours work for you.

Invested in your business goals, and with a clear understanding of the conversion targets, we work to improve the conversation ratios and monitor and measure improvement.

With stringent confidentiality agreements and a great history of working with a big four consulting firm and Fortune 500 companies, we understand IPR and have a spotless record maintaining and securing customer information.

Step 1:

Understand your business need

Step 2:

Recommend a solution to cut costs, scale or reduce lower value-added activities from your focus

Step 3:

Train, test and deploy solution

Step 4:

Monitor, measure, report

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we can scale marketing and cut costs?

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To top it all, we are a one-stop shop – to cater to all your branding,
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