As smart as the people we hire are, as Businesses we always require orientation, marketing and sales, customer support, technical, communication, ethics, safety training and more.

This is what helps us grow sales, improve employee effectiveness and reduce costs.
At Chittlesoft Solutions, we use a PDCA framework to provide you with a logical 7-step approach to digitally transform your entire learning eco-system.

Chittlesoft’s training and instructional design experts understand your business training needs, user demographic, training content and engage with the subject matter experts to create highly effective e-learning solutions.

As part of our learning and development solutions, we also manage entire training programs and take responsibility for the learning outcomes. We sync with your HR to report on learning activity, goals and gaps, and ensure the users meet their learning targets.

With our e-Learning expertise, video production teams and complete access to the Chittlesoft Learning Management System, your new Learning eco system is cost effective, creates an environment where constant learning and updates are possible and delivers superb results.

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