How a good marketing pitch will get you the right customer

 Marketing Pitch

As opposed to only providing product information (a mistake many businesses make), a marketing pitch will help you speak to the customer you’re targeting. This platform assures your customers that you are keen on building communication with them. It provides a basis for interaction (two-way communication) and not just for providing product information, which goes in one direction, and may prevent the business from reaching the right customer efficiently. A marketing pitch starts a conversation; whether you are physically making the pitch, or digitally sending over the pitch, it will provide a means of communication.

1. Make a good first impression with a strategically designed look and feel

A clean, simple and well-designed market pitch helps impress the target audience.
The visual aspects complement and support the content, and thus there needs to be a balance between the two. It grabs the attention of the target group, highlights the important details, and conveys your message efficiently. Templates that have the right visual elements such as color, font, themes, and designs are used to set the context in which the content is given, so that the content is interpreted in a certain way, and has a positive look and feel.

2. Speak their language

Marketing pitches help grab the audience’s attention because they use of the right language and tone. Your message in the marketing pitch can be conveyed through a story that the target audience can connect to, using an appropriate tone that appeals to them. This helps the audience understand and retain the content you are conveying to them. The message can thus be communicated faster and with greater efficiency.

3. Show your understanding of their experience

The marketing pitch can be modified to take the requirements and problems of the customer into consideration, and to suit the context in which it is being made. The market pitch can highlight those aspects of your product/service that solve these problems that concern the target group. This can lead to greater customer retention, and an increase in sales.

4. Convey your brand values

You can incorporate your brand values in your marketing pitches. Branding can be done using elements such as a logo, tagline and brand name. This will help people associate the products/services you provide with your brand. This will boost brand recall, so target customers understand who you are and know what they can expect if they work with you. This will help you build successful client relationships based on mutual understanding. It will also help you retain customers.

5. Assure them you are keen on building communication

It provides a platform for a personal form of interaction with the target customer. Thus, there is an opportunity to make a good first impression on them, by strategically designing a look and feel for your product/service. This is also done in a way that takes the target consumer of the product into consideration, and thus uses an appropriate tone, appeal, message by speaking their language in addition to using facts about the product.

While the marketing pitch is being made, the questions of the customers can be answered, which clears doubts and helps establish trust in the product/service as well as in the establishment to a greater extent, which leads to greater sales. The price of the product can also be justified to the customer, through the pitch.

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