How does it work for freelancers

We are always eager to work with talented folks, wherever they may be.
As a freelance Chittler, you get to work for yourself, except that we cover your time and guarantee your payment.
chittlesoftsolutions freelancing step1

Register with contact details

chittlesoftsolutions freelancing step2

Share bank details

chittlesoftsolutions freelancing step3

Share skills sets and working days and hours

chittlesoftsolutions freelancing step4

Upload portfolio and indicate viewing options – public or private only

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Log in to the Chittlesoft Work Room System, and you are all set!

It really does pay to be a freelancer!

Earning a living while you’re sitting on a beach in Thailand is not a pipedream; it could be your daily reality. As a freelance Chittler, you can now manage your work from anywhere, anytime. To keep your work on track and collaborate easily, simply log in to our Work Room and get started. We also give you access to all the professional tools you may need to set tasks, define milestones, communicate with employers and share files. So, ready to book that one-way ticket to Malibu?
Work anywhere
Set your own hours
Pick projects you like
Get paid on-time

Get paid quickly & securely

Whether you’re working with our teams or for a client directly, you operate through us. This means that the moment you get approval on a completed milestone, you get paid. It’s a win-win arrangement.

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